Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions

Please read these carefully because by proceeding with your Order, you will be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to them. We have tried not to make them too long or complicated so do take the time to read them before committing yourself to purchasing.
1. Parties

These terms and conditions relate to a proposed or actual contract between you the customer and us, Kirkby Stringer, 13 Chapel Lane, Coppull, Chorley, Lancashire PR7 4PG. Our email address is: info@kirkbystringer.co.uk and telephone number is 07790337148.
2. Price

2.2 The advertised price is what you pay unless there is an obvious error – in which case we are not obliged to sell to you at that (miss) advertised price.

2.3 Any price may not include postage and packing but if postage and packing fees are not included then those costs will be made separately identified on your Order.

2.4 At present, we do NOT charge extra for paying with a credit card. Should this change it will be made clear at the point prior to your commitment to pay. If we ever do charge you extra, we will only pass on the amount that we are charged for using a card. We will not profit from any credit card payments unlike some businesses do.
3. The Contract

3.1 When you submit an Order to us no contract has been formed at that point even if you get an automated acknowledgement to say that your Order has been received and even if your card has been charged.

3.2 A contract is formed when we specifically contact you to say that we have accepted your Order. We reserve the right not to accept your Order without reason before that point.

3.3 We aim to deliver your Order within 3 working days of our accepting your Order. However, time is not considered to be “of the essence” and we are not liable should the goods not be delivered on or before the anticipated delivery date.
4. Your right to Cancel

4.1 If you are a consumer purchaser (i.e. NOT purchasing in the course of a trade or business) then you have the right to cancel your Order even when we have accepted that Order.

4.2 That right starts from the moment you place your Order and up to fourteen (14) days from the day that you receive your goods from us.

4.3 You are deemed to have received your goods on the second working day following our dispatch to you, regardless of whether you received them before or after that date.

4.4 If you do decide you want to cancel your Order shortly after you have placed it, then PLEASE contact us by email as soon as possible to tell us as it saves your and our time and postage/packaging costs.

4.5 All cancellations MUST be in writing by email (preferred) or by letter. Telephone cancellations cannot be accepted.

4.6 If you wish to exercise your right to cancel once you have received your goods then you must return them to us, preferably in as much of the original packaging as you can. You will need to pay for the cost of the postage and packaging of the items you return. At present we do not charge you for our cost of postage and packaging so the amount that we return to you or to your card will be limited to the price you paid for the returned item(s).


5. Faulty Goods

5.1 If you believe that your product is or may be faulty then you must let us know as soon as possible – preferably by e-mail. You will need to tell us why you believe it to be faulty.

5.2 You must not dispose of any item that you believe to be faulty as we reserve the right to inspect it before issuing any refund.

5.3 If we ask you to return any item that you believe to be faulty then you must bear the cost of securely packaging and posting it. If we agree that it is faulty we will reimburse your reasonable postage and packing costs as well as providing you with a replacement item or a refund of the purchase price. Due to the nature of our products a “repair” is unlikely to be a viable alternative.

5.4 Like all items they cannot be expected to last forever and you are not entitled to a refund/replacement if you have had the item for a “reasonable” period.

5.5 Except for any reasonable postage and packaging costs that you incur in returning an item that we agree to be faulty, the amount of any refund will be limited to the purchase price and not any consequential losses such as (but not limited to) loss of profit or if you have purchased a replacement product elsewhere at a higher price.


6. Complaints Procedure

6.1 By law, we must tell you of our complaints procedure.

6.2 In the first instance you should write to us either by e-mail (preferred) or by letter explaining why you are unhappy. We will acknowledge your complaint usually within 48 hours but it may take up to 7 days.

6.3 We will consider and/or investigate your complaint in a prompt manner and provide you with a written reply once we have considered it or investigated your concern.

6.4 If you remain unhappy then you should again contact us in writing whereupon we may seek advice from an external source after which we shall give you our final reply.

6.5 However, whilst we will do what we can to resolve any complaints we accept that this may always be achievable. In this rare event we are open to mediation.

6.6 We will abide by any decision made by a competent adjudicator and this contract is to be considered in accordance with the laws of England and Wales only and the courts of England and Wales (only) will be allowed to determine any dispute in relation to it.

6.7 Any legal documents must be served at the address given at the top of these terms and conditions.